Pricing and Features

Game Server Features:

Free sv_downloadurl by Request.
Free Website by Request
50% Off Voice Servers! Promo "voice50"
No Privacy Limitations
Unmetered Storage Space
Unmetered Bandwidth
Instant Server Setup
Free 24/7 Web Support
Includes FTP and File Manager
No Tickrate Limitations
No Server Branding
Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth

Game Server Pricing:

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(Save 30%)
Counter-Strike 1.6$0.39$0.35$0.31$0.27
Counter-Strike: GO$0.69$0.62$0.55$0.48
Counter-Strike: Source$0.49$0.44$0.39$0.34
Day of Defeat: Source$0.49$0.44$0.39$0.34
Half Life 1$0.39$0.35$0.31$0.27
Half Life 2 Deathmatch$0.49$0.44$0.39$0.34
Killing Floor$0.79$0.71$0.63$0.55
Left 4 Dead$0.79$0.71$0.63$0.55
Left 4 Dead 2$0.79$0.71$0.63$0.55
Team Fortress 2$0.69$0.62$0.55$0.48

All game servers include a $2 base fee. Prices shown are to reflect monthly savings.

Hosting Locations

Hardware and Network

We utilize at minimum the following specs for our game servers:
- Intel Quad Core or AMD Sex Core Processors
- 8GB DDR3 1333MHZ Memory
- 7200 RPM SATA II and III Hard Drives
- Gigabit Private Network Cards
- Over 10Gbps Backbone in each location!
- Window Server 2008 R1 and R2
- Monthly Hard Disk Defrag and System Check